How it Works

For Curators and Winemakers

1 – Create

Winery/Curator will create an NFT basket (Wine Collection) or single NFT (bottle of wine) on the marketplace, which will include taste notes, wine reviews, and information about the wine like production, geography, and vineyards.

2 – Choose

A curator/winery can select from the marketplace the single NFT or basket of multiple NFTs they would like to fractionalize.

3 – Configure

Set the number of shares/tokens for your wine, which means that the total supply of the wine will be divided in a number of shares/tokens.

4 – Distribute

Decide what to do with the newly minted ownership tokens of your fractionalized wine-vault. Options include selling to prospective owners, provide liquidity on a Dex (Decentralize Exchange), rent out, use as collateral for loan, among others.

5 – Collect

Receive dividends through shares/ownership tokens added to the total supply annually.

How it Works

For Buyers

1 – Buy

Purchase ownership tokens to own a part of fractionalized NFT wine.

2 – Decide to Transfer or Hold

Ownership tokens are like your wine shares, so you can decide to trade them or hold them for later investment.

3 – Get Access to Wine Education

Wine Content like the production process, wine reviews and taste notes.

Vinequery democratizes the

wine trading experience.