How it Works

For Wine Traders and Sommeliers

Create your Wallet

To create a new wallet account you just need to register and you will gain tokens as early adopters.

Create your NFT

As a wine trader or Sommelier you can easily create your NFTs from the Vineswap wallet.


Each NFT is linked to a tangible wine bottle or case. As a rare and fine wine collection it will gain value over time.


Once the NFT vault has been fractionalized into tokens and shares you can convert your wine collection into a tradable asset.


Sell to prospective owners and provide liquidity on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

Earn Tokens

Using the Vineswap wallet you will earn VST tokens and receive dividends.

How it Works

For Buyers and Wine Collectors


Own a part of a fractionalized wine NFT.

Decide to Trade or Hold

Ownership tokens are like your wine shares, so you can decide to trade them or hold them to earn interest.

Get Access to Wine Education

Ownership tokens provide access to wine events like wine tasting and wine content, as well as the production process, wine reviews and taste notes.

Vinequery democratizes the

wine trading experience.